A Practical Guide To Healthy Living
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About Sarah


I started out a go-getting litigator at a top Boston firm, leading the life of a successful urban professional. I’ve ended up a heady hausfrau whose primary responsibilities include household sysops and meal prep. With two cancer diagnoses under my belt, I understand the necessity of a healthy lifestyle. With a young child, a husband and a hectic life, I understand the need to keep it all manageable.

I come from a long line of food fanatics and home cooks.  My people live to eat.  I grew up watching my parents and grandparents in the kitchen, and I learned a lot by just hanging around.  My personal interest in cooking really took off when I was in law school.  Cooking helped me relax, and I’d whip up big batches of food that’d carry me through the week.  I bought my first bunch of cookbooks and started scouring the (then very new) World Wide Web for recipes.

Semi-Sweet is my full-circle moment: The site combines my historic love of food and cooking with my newer-found commitment to healthy living, nutrition and whole-foods.  Come into my kitchen, have a seat, and learn how to live a healthier life while enjoying a wide variety of flavorful, wholesome quick-cook meals.

Listen to Sarah’s latest interview to hear her talk fitness, food & motivation.

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