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Take Action on BPA

In yesterday’s post, I told you about the SSI/BCF study re BPA in food, and about the 60% decrease in the body burden the families realized when they stopped using canned goods. It caught your attention, right? You’re concerned, no?

Think about that - sixty percent! Over a lifetime, that could amount to lot less disease. It’s a no-brainer: get BPA out of canned food, get BPA out of people.

So what are America’s top canned food manufacturers doing to get rid of BPA in their products?

The Breast Cancer Fund wants to find out and push these companies to protect our health. Would you be willing to take a minute to ask Campbell Soup Co., Del Monte Foods and General Mills (maker of Progresso, Cascadian Farm and Muir Glen) what they’re doing to get BPA out of their food packaging and out of our bodies? It’s a fill-in form, so easy and can be very effective.

Let’s band together to reduce all Americans’ BPA levels by going straight to the makers of canned foods and asking them to stop using BPA.

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  • Heidi

    Finally figured out how to fill in the correct information! Duh!! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to get involved, too. Down with BPA!

  • Semi-Sweet Sarah

    You’re so welcome, Candace – and thank you for passing my link on, too! : )

  • http://discoveringcandace.blogspot.com/2011/04/take-action-on-bpa.html Candace

    Thanks for the information, Sarah! I sent a note to the companies and I passed the information on to my readers, as well.

  • Semi-Sweet Sarah

    Thanks Kathy (a.k.a. BSW) and Amanda!

  • Amanda

    Took me just a minute to send off a note. Thanks for posting more info Sarah.

  • http://www.bostonsportswoman.com Boston Sports Woman

    Sarah: I’ll make this a big push on the site! I stopped buying canned soups several months ago, and I’ve been so conscious of packaging! Thanks for raising the awareness!