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Join me for a supermarket sweep!

shopping cart

You know the drill: If you bring unhealthy food into your home, you’re going to eat it. Learn to work the market and make great decisions where it matters most. This workshop includes a one-hour tour of the brand new Market Basket in Waltham and a discussion of how to identify the most nutritious foods and ingredients, along with strategies for preparing quick and delicious meals, lunches on the go, and healthy snacks.

Where: Market Basket, 110 Market Place Drive, Waltham

When: April 11, 10:30-12

Cost: Cost of workshop is $40 – a bargain considering my private tour rate is $100!

Sign up here! https://fusion.myvolo.ca/club/store/shopcart.jsp?rand=0.12434291278429843

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Stop the 5 O’Clock Freakout!


Attend my workshop

Mastering Meal Planning: Solving the “What’s for Dinner” Challenge

 We’ve all been there – what I call, “The 5 p.m. Freakout.” You realize that you have three potential menu options at home, but you’re missing key ingredients in all three. Out comes the takeout menu. Again. You want to plan meals, but figuring out that process is just another flippin’ thing on your to-do list.

You’ve heard the research: Planning and prepping meals at home will save you time, money, help you eat more healthfully and can bring your family together. But it’s almost impossible to prep healthy meals every day with zero plan in place. The fix? Creating and following a simple system to use over and over again. Meal planning gets easier every week when you’ve got a system. The result? You provide delicious, healthful foods for your family without getting frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed out. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Come find out how.

You’ll learn:

  • How meal planning can reduce your stress and help you reach your health and fitness goals, while saving you time and money
  • How to develop good menu planning habits
  • Resources that simplify the meal planning process
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing your efficiency at the market and in the kitchen
  • How to stock your kitchen for quick and healthy meals in a pinch

You’ll take home:

  • All the tools to start planning your meals immediately, including a handy checklist and template to get you started
  • A bonus, done-for-you weekly meal plan with recipes and a shopping list


February 6, 2015   1 Comment

Where you’ll find me . . . .


Hey there! If you take a look below, you’ll see my last post here was quite a while ago . . . wondering what I’m up to lately? Check out my latest gig!

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UPDATED! FLF Cheesecake Variations – Low Carb, Sugar-Free, High Protein!

cheesecake whole

I’m not going to lie. I can get crazy around sweets. Sugar does bad things to my joints, though – once I started down the anti-inflammatory diet road, I noticed that when I went on a sugar bender (which USED to be a fairly regular occurrence), I’d get all swollen and achy again. So I revised my position on stevia and started to use it to get my “fix” once in a while. And I’m proud to say that I’m not nearly as beholden to the sweet stuff as I used to be – cutting down on carbohydrates generally and upping my protein has evened me out enough that I don’t have those highs and lows that left me trolling the cupboards for ages-old Halloween leftovers. [Read more →]

February 5, 2014   14 Comments

On Patience

Picasso Goals Quotation

So. It’s February, and your resolution zest might be waning . . . or even more likely, gone by the wayside altogether. It’s so common. I know, you were fired up for change, but then life got rolling again post-holidays and so many things got in your way . . . work, kids back to school and schedules, horrendous viruses. Life. [Read more →]

February 3, 2014   3 Comments

On the Side: Kale & Apple Saute

kale saute

This simple but delicious kale prep was a hit alongside Nom Nom Paleo’s Slow Cooker Kalua Pig - I mean, everyone knows how well pork and apples go together, right? [Read more →]

January 16, 2014   No Comments

Slow Cooker Choco Chili

paleo chili in crock pot

This is stupid easy, makes a ton, and is flexible – so you can tweak this according to your tastes . . . want to crank up the heat? Add cayenne pepper. Want to lighten it up a bit? Use ground turkey, or a combo of ground beef & turkey. Have veg you want to use up? Chop it up and throw it in. Love beans? They’d be great in here too. Whatever you do, make this soon – it’s tasty & quick & feeds a crowd. [Read more →]

January 13, 2014   16 Comments

HIIT with Kids

I love my workout time. It’s MY time, alone in my head with my crazy hip hop/pop soundtrack blaring in my ears . . . or to chat it up with my heavily tattooed buddies over weights at the gym. But my 10-year-old daughter loves to work out too, and guess what? She loves the same music I do (not sure what that says about me, but that’s for another post). So on weekends and vacations, we strike an accord: I go to the gym to lift, then come home to do HIIT cardio drills with her. [Read more →]

January 6, 2014   17 Comments