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On Patience

Picasso Goals Quotation

So. It’s February, and your resolution zest might be waning . . . or even more likely, gone by the wayside altogether. It’s so common. I know, you were fired up for change, but then life got rolling again post-holidays and so many things got in your way . . . work, kids back to school and schedules, horrendous viruses. Life. [Read more →]

February 3, 2014   3 Comments

It Doesn’t Have to Be Epic


We are on the verge of the new year, Sweeties. The holiday merriment has been going on for weeks, we’re ready for resolve, right? I am SO for the cleaning up of acts, of goals, of seeking triumph over diet and exercise “demons,” etc. but I’m going to put on my coaching hat right now and admonish you to


[

December 30, 2013   18 Comments

Holiday Hoopla: Sweet Sarah’s Top Tips

christmas decorations

We’re in the final crush leading up to Christmas, and chances are, you’re doing some merrymaking this weekend. While some trainers would encourage you to lay off all treats and sweets, I take a more moderate approach . . . maybe it’s my old age, but I *do* think that holiday food and family traditions are important. The trick is to fit those into your new healthy lifestyle . . . to indulge and enjoy without going balls-out. Here are my top tricks for doing just that! [Read more →]

December 21, 2013   No Comments

Take Me, I’m Yours!

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Hey Sweeties . . . it’s the holidays and I am busy busy busy whipping up treats for you for the new year! Not cookies, pies or cakes, no no . . . this mama’s launching a new coaching venture!

Yes, you read that right, I’m takin’ my show on the road – to your house or business. I want to teach you how to eat for health and fat loss, how to prepare delicious foods that’ll boost your health, nutrition and physique, clean out your pantry, work out your body. Is accountability your weakest link? Let’s go high-touch: Hire me to be your coach, your nag, your sherpa through the journey of healthying up your diet and maximizing the efficacy of your workouts. Texts and emails go a long way toward keeping you on track to your goals. I’m never far from my smartphone . . . always at the ready to help you make a plan, guide you through a crisis and help you reach your goals.

While this blog was sleeping, I’ve been studying, working toward my official certifications in personal training and nutrition, and soft-launching my business. Current clients are seeing RESULTS. Weight lost, confidence gained, lessons learned, permanent lifestyle changes are being MADE. Listen to what they’re saying:

“No more self-sabotage!”

“My cravings have diminished . . . .”

“The support has been super helpful for me.”

“Who knew that one simple tip could be a complete game-changer for me.”

“I always think it’ll be so awkward if I don’t partake in all things delish, but in reality, it’s all about the company.”

“You have seriously been the difference maker . . . this is the most weight I’ve lost.”


This could be you! Why not get in touch and let me help you move the ball forward in 2014?

I’m taking on a limited number of clients, will one of them be YOU? Drop me a line at sarah at semisweetonline dot com¬†and let’s make magic happen for you!

December 17, 2013   No Comments

What I Eat


All this talk about metabolism and my new paradigm has lead more than a few of you to ask, “so . . . what ARE you eating, anyway?” Short answer is: a lot of lean protein and non-starchy vegetables. Like at most every meal. [Read more →]

March 18, 2013   4 Comments

Strategic Eating

I have been what most would describe a super-healthy eater for a while now. Cancer’ll do that to a girl. I have been all about fruits, green leafies, whole grains, lean meats, fiber fiber fiber for over a decade. I have cooked most of our food, eaten little processed food and cut out almost all alcohol.

[

March 11, 2013   9 Comments

It’s Time to Think About a CSA

Hey Sweeties!

I’m re-running this post from last year, to remind you to think about signing up for a summer CSA share this year . . . we’re on board for Picadilly Farm’s CSA again this year and I can’t wait for all that organic veggie goodness to start arriving!




It’s springtime and here in the Northeast, things are greening and leafing and my thoughts are turning to locally grown vegetables. After a long winter of trucked- and flown-in produce, I’m ready for locally-grown: It’s flavorful, fresh-picked and fabulous. How to get your hands on some of that? Your local farmer’s market is a great source, and you might like strolling around, talking to the merchants and picking out your produce each week. Or you might want to join a CSA.

[

March 7, 2013   4 Comments

Gone Gluten Free


So since I posted in November, I’ve done a 180 on you all. Me, champion of moderation. Me, the “no food is bad” girl. Me, variety is the spice of life, personified. I have given up gluten. Yup. And I have felt terrific. So terrific that I have passed up at least 1/2 dozen opportunities to snarf baguette. I am a baguette-lovah from way back. And remember those resort croissants that I have trouble with too? I just spent a whole week looking at them and they didn’t even call my name. That’s how good I feel.

[

March 6, 2013   4 Comments